B2wins posing together in an alley with their instruments

A dynamic duo is preparing to take over the stage at Newberry Opera House on Tuesday, April 09 at 7 pm. B2wins (pronounced B-Twins) will win the hearts of the Opera House’s audience with their talent for playing the ukulele and violin, powerful stage presence, and charisma. The duo consists of twin brothers, Walter and Wagner. They are thrilled about coming to Newberry to perform, and they have an uplifting story for those who are unfamiliar with them. Wagner, who plays ukulele, sat down with Newberry Opera House to give an exclusive interview. His humility and lighthearted personality shine through as he talks about his and his brother’s creative journey and more.

Born and raised in the slums of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Walter and Wagner were introduced to music at an early age. Their father handmakes violins, and he encouraged them to start playing the instrument when they were 11 years old. The twin brothers have been inseparable since birth, and when asked how they came together as a group, Walter jokingly reports, “My brother and I have been together since day one, so we didn’t have a choice. And despite me trying to kick my brother out of the band, my mom wouldn’t approve of it.”

Their unique name is short for Brazilian Twins. As the brothers were learning the English language, they thought the name would be a fun play on words. Wagner teases about how no one can find them online because of the name.

B2wins’ musical style is a blend of the music the twins enjoy listening to. Walter and Wagner listened to Michael Jackson, N-Sync, and The Backstreet Boys when they were young because they aspired to be like them when they grew up. Currently, the duo chooses not to limit themselves to one genre when they are creating because their music tastes go beyond just one musical style. Wagner says, “We feel that the majority of people are the same way. Different moods call for different genres so we cultivate our show around creating different feelings through music, whatever that genre might be.”

Walter and Wagner feel the most creative when they experience feelings of happiness. Wagner explains that their creative process is constantly evolving. It is not something that can be turned on or off for the brothers. He expresses, “The funny thing about being creative is it comes and goes in waves. We often find inspiration at the hottest times. We find that living in joy and positivity helps keep the creative energy flowing.”

Wagner and Walter’s journey from the slums of Rio De Janeiro to performing at numerous performing arts centers and other venues is a testament to their hard work and talent which is inspirational for many other starving artists who dream of a successful career. The brothers call themselves self-made entrepreneurs in the music and entertainment industry, which they refer to as a difficult feat. Despite their success, they don’t always believe in giving too much advice.

“Follow your internal compass. Growing up playing classical music, we broke all the rules of conventional orchestra playing, and that is what got us so much attention internationally. We were true to ourselves and how the music made us feel. Stay true to yourself! Everything else will take care of itself.”

B2wins has been appearing at theaters and performing arts centers for the past decade, and it is the duo’s favorite type of venue to present their art. Newberry Opera House’s intimate theater will suit the duo’s tastes well because of the great acoustics it provides for the artists who perform there. Wagner states, “Growing up, we played in the orchestra, so we learned all about acoustics and using the room to create an atmosphere.”

B2wins are set to bring their signature, dynamic performance to the Newberry Opera House on April 09, offering a show that’s both unique and interactive. Each concert is distinct, crafted specifically for its audience, promising an evening where engagement is not just welcomed, but encouraged.

“We feed off the energy of the crowd and then the crowd feeds off the energy of us,” Wagner says. “It’s super magical and we just can’t get enough of it. We can’t wait for you to experience it!”

So, what’s next for B2wins? They will be presenting more video content. Wagner states, “In addition to touring year-round, we are excited to be reviving our video project series to offer more digital content to fans in between live experiences. Get ready for a lot more videos to come this year!”

B2wins are an energetic pair of brothers from humble beginnings who have incredible talent and magnetic personas that will entrance the audience at Newberry Opera House. If you don’t know who they are now, you will soon as we’re watching their career take off in the United States.

“We realize you may not know who we are, but we promise if you take a chance and come see this performance you won’t regret it!” Wagner encourages.

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Teilor McManus

Marketing Manager