three men of ashes and arrows

An up-and-coming Country/Rock band from the mountains of North Carolina will be performing at the Opera House on March 8, and they are taking the music scene by storm. Formed in 2021, Ashes & Arrows has already captivated audiences with incredible vocals, beautiful melodies, and strong charisma. The band’s 2022 debut EP “Forward” was crafted by esteemed record producer Greg Haver. Newberry Opera House sat down with Jonathan, Ciaran, and Ben of Ashes & Arrows for an exclusive interview to get a deeper look into their music and the artists themselves.

Jonathan reveals what inspired the creation of the band. He says, “We never had any real plan to build a band. When we met, we heard each other sing at an open mic and decided to meet up a day or so later, then we ended up writing a full song. We performed that song at the same open mic the next week, and people fell in love with it and wanted to book us. We only knew that one song together at the time, so it took us a few months to even consider starting a band.”

Ashes & Arrows’ music expands beyond the confines of one genre and one style. Their sound is unique, and it reflects the group’s interest in exploring multiple genres. “The three of us have very distinctive sounds, individually,” Jonathan explains. “Sometimes our music genre is hard to define at times because each song changes in style because we are happy to chase down different sounds and styles to make the song sound the best it can in our eyes. We never really think about genres; we just start playing and see what we like in the moment, and let that moment dictate what happens.”

The band also clarifies themes they like to exhibit in their music. Jonathan states, “The themes in our music focus on hope and striving. We like being playful and lighthearted in our music, while also having authenticity – we like to be honest in our struggles and triumphs.”

Creating music is a difficult process, especially when inspiration is waning. Having a creative process helps to ignite motivation. For Jonathan, Ciaran, and Ben, it all starts with something quite simple. Ashes & Arrows defines their creative process as “a natural exploration that begins by talking to each other.” Jonathan explains further, “And then most of the time we start seeing a common thread between our perspectives. This leads to an idea to the start of a song, which we expand upon from there.”

The band’s music has evolved since the guys first came together as a group. The group members describe how their sound has developed since they’ve grown closer and have broadened their taste in music. “It is hard to believe that the music has changed in such a short amount of time,” Ciaran says. “However, we have gained a deeper connection with each other, which has led to more interesting ideas for songs.” Ben expresses, “Over time, we have all been willing to explore different genres that have allowed us to create music of many different feelings, emotions, and expressiveness.”

Even though Ashes & Arrows are on the rise in the music industry, they have not been spared from the challenges of this industry. “The most challenging thing about the music industry is the industry itself,” Jonathan says. “Finding ways to maintain the camaraderie between us and the brotherhood we started can be challenging. Our sleep schedules are the complete opposite of our performance schedules. Basically, balancing our professional and personal lives can be extremely challenging.”

When Jonathan, Ciaran, and Ben aren’t creating music together or performing live, they devote their personal time to their hobbies. Ben enjoys coin collecting, knife sharpening, philosophy, working out, and “Harry Potter.” Ciaran likes to spend time reading and listening to podcasts, and he delves into health and wellness. Jonathan dedicates his free time to fishing and playing disc golf.

Live performances for bands come with ups and downs, but Ashes & Arrows only have good things to say about performing live. Being together on stage and creating memorable experiences for audiences make live performances worth it for the group. “Our members each have different parts about performing live they enjoy the most,” Jonathan says. “Ciaran enjoys the performance – being in the moment with the three of us just laughing and being in the moment that we are creating for the audience around us. Ben enjoys creating special moments for the audience while performing.”

As they prepare to perform live at Newberry Opera House, they are looking forward to creating special moments that resonate with the audience in our intimate theater. Jonathan says, “We are excited to meet our friends in South Carolina for the first time, and we cannot wait to share our passion and excitement with them!”

Ashes & Arrows guarantees a performance that combines lighthearted and beautiful melodies with a charismatic on-stage presence. Get your tickets today at or call our Box Office at 803-276-6264. Please make sure you are purchasing your tickets from the official Newberry Opera House website only as we are the only vendor of our tickets.


Brandon Ruff