Support The Arts Regularly through a Monthly Gift to the Newberry Opera House

Your investment in our community matters; all donations have a big influence. The Newberry Opera House is committed to keeping our community connected and making sure that the arts are accessible to All residents of Newberry County and beyond. To do this, your support is needed now more than ever.

Our S.T.A.R. Plan allows arts supporters on any budget to make a sustained and powerful impact.

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$25 a month provides necessary supplies for our summer camps

$50 a month sends students from a Title 1 school on field trips to attend shows

$100 a month underwrites the cost of our outdoor community concerts in the Memorial Park

$250 a month provides much-needed support to ensure that scholarships are available for students who wish to attend STEAM Camp

$500 a month ensures that the Arts will be accessible to all residents of Newberry County and beyond no matter their ability to pay

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There is strength in numbers and our community needs you to help them become the innovators, art lovers, and leaders of tomorrow. S.T.A.R. supports our Newberry Arts for All Program by enhancing the economic and cultural development of Newberry County and the Midlands through the window of the arts in concert with educational opportunities for all.