Tommy Emmanuel, CGP


Tommy Emmanuel, CGP

This performance has been rescheduled from its original date in May to December 16, 2021.
Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

One of the most talented guitarists of all time, Tommy Emmanuel masterfully does what normally takes three  musicians and does it solo on an acoustic guitar! Emmanuel plays in a finger-style guitar inspired by Chet Atkins but also uses the guitar as a true percussion instrument creating sounds as never heard before. With a joyful heart and a passion unlike few musicians out there, Emmanuel keeps fans entranced with his beautiful music. Come see what fans around the globe have already discovered, the music of Tommy Emmanuel is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before.


Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 8:00 P.M.
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Tommy Emmanuel holds the title of one of the greatest guitarists on the planet, becoming one of the most successful solo guitarists in music. He’s done what few have ever accomplished, he made a series of hit albums as a solo guitarist. Hailing from Muswellbrook, Australia, Emmanuel got his start with his brothers performing as a rock band.  Soon after, Emmanuel was touring all over Europe in a rock band, however, in a stunning move, Emmanuel abandoned the rock music scene for a purer stripped-down-to-the-basics form of acoustic guitar, played solo. Learning from the legendary guitarist, Chet Atkins, Emmanuel soon transformed himself from a great guitarist to a legendary one, playing with joy and masterful skill few musicians have, Emmanuel has proven himself as a true music legend.


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