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"Communal Pen" Writing Workshop


"Communal Pen" Writing Workshop
As part of the special Smithsonian traveling exhibit at the Opera House, SC Arts Commission artists Eboni Ramm & Michelle Ross will lead a FREE writing workshop entitled “Communal Pen: A Writing Workshop Celebrating Memories, Stories, and Traditions of Place”   Sponsored by Smithsonian Institute, SC Humanities, Samsung, & Wells Fargo

Event will be held at the Newberry Arts Center  


Jan 19, 2019 @ 10:00AM
The is no fee for this event, however, pre-registration with SC Humanities is required. Register online at https://schumanities.org/projects/crossroads-change-in-rural-america/communalpen/ or call 803-771-2477.
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Event Details

"Communal Pen" is free and open to the public. Space is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first served basis. No previous experience necessary! We invite participants to view the "Crossroads: Change in Rural America" exhibit before the workshop. On the day of the workshop, please bring a photo and/or object that has special meaning for you. This item will be used during a writing exercise.

Registration will be through SC Humanities online at https://schumanities.org/projects/crossroads-change-in-rural-america/communalpen/ or by phone at 803-771-2477.

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