virtual events

The Newberry Opera House is excited to bring you virtual events. For more information, contact the Box Office at 803-276-6264.


How will I sign in to the event? Once you purchase a virtual event, a unique link will be sent to you.

Do you have to "purchase a ticket" even if the event is free? While there may be no charge for an event, registration is required. 

Can I share the link? Please note that only one person can view the event per link so the last person to log in will kick out anyone already signed in using your unique sign-in.

If I am watching a Video on Demand event, can I watch it more than once? Live events will air live. However, if you are watching a video on demand event, you can watch it as many times as you want during the window allowed in your purchase. Check your event's pre-show email for details.

What browsers are compatible with our player page? All browsers are compatible with the Virtual Events feature. However, for events where we are using Zoom for Q&A, etc. please note that some patrons have had trouble with Zoom events on Safari so you may be directed to switch if you are unable to open the link.

What TVs / streaming devices work with this feature? The platform is not compatible with Apple TV or Smart TV yet. However, Chromecast on Android and Apple Airplay both should work. Also, if you can access your email via your Smart TV, you should be able to click the ticket link and open it on a browser on your TV that way.

How do I support more streaming events from the Newberry Opera House? You should be able to donate directly on the streaming page. If not, click here to donate today. All donations coming in during streaming events support Newberry Arts For All events.