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Coming soon!

The Leadership Newberry Class comprised of the Arts, Recreation and Tourism group produced a Newberry Passport for use in exploring all the wonderful opportunities within the County. These include History of Newberry County, Art, Recreation, Tourism, National Historic Register properties, Historical Markers, Festivals, Municipalities, and Notes. The passport is well produced, however, a clean-up by a graphic designer and then professional printing will propel this unique passport to be available in all areas of the county.

We would like the passport to be available to any entity that requests it and even can be mailed to out of state to interested persons. Newberry is a county of hidden gems, and anyone could easily spend a week discovering the place in history Newberry has played in South Carolina and the development of the United States. The passport is easily added and modified based on new information and new venues, which makes the production easy to manage into the future.

The passport correlates well to our exhibition of the Smithsonian Exhibition Crossroads which we are hosting December 16, 2018- February 2, 2019. Tom Poland is going to be a guest speaker in January talking directly to the objectives of Crossroads with two lectures on Lost Traditions of the South and then Backroads of South Carolina with a focus on NewberrySmithsonian Exhibit 01

. This is a perfect time to launch the passport and have an excited audience.

The Opera House has a desire for the Newberry Passport to be the go-to for tourists who visit all tourist locations, sent out to interested transplants by the Chamber of Commerce and a go-to for residents who have out of town guests and finally residents who want to explore their own backyards. The evaluation of the project will lie in the ability to have to reprint the passport due to high demand. A conversation with the State Parks system, who also have a great Parks Passport, could also allow a better glimpse into evaluation and success and we would be more than happy to have this conversation. The purpose of the passport is to be the latest and greatest and most useful as possible. As new information is uncovered and created for Newberry County, a repository will collect the new data, and an updated version will be produced. How often this needs to occur will depend upon the information received.

The Passport will launch in conjunction with Mr. Tom Poland's talk on January 22, 2019, at 11:00 AM and at 7:00 PMThe Newberry Passport will be available at the Newberry Opera House, The Chamber of Commerce, any business that participates in the Downtown Development Association, all historic sites, chambers, and mayoral offices for municipalities and if the Welcome Centers request, we can supply as well.