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Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Sunday, January 28 @ 6:00 pm

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Lose yourself in the rich musical traditions of Bulgaria with the esteemed Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. This internationally acclaimed ensemble has delighted audiences worldwide with their exceptional musicianship. Led by renowned conductor Nayden Todorov, the orchestra showcases a diverse repertoire ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary works, highlighting the depth and virtuosity of its talented musicians.


Founded in 1892 as Guards Symphony Orchestra, in 1938 after fusion with the Academic Symphony Orchestra transformed into Royal Military Symphony Orchestra. After 1945 the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra became the national orchestra of Bulgaria and has long established itself as one of the leading cultural institutions, representative of the overall contemporary musical culture of the country. 


The orchestra’s high artistic achievement is associated with the names of prominent figures such as Sasha Popov, Konstantin Iliev, Dobrin Petkov, Vassil Stefanov, Vladi Simeonov, Vassil Kazandjiev, Dimitar Manolov, Emil Tabakov, Julian Kovatchev, and Nayden Todorov. The repertoire of the Sofia Philharmonic comprises works from the entire historically available range of music – from Classical to Contemporary, including premiere performances of numerous works by Bulgarian composers. 


The orchestra has garnered substantial recognition all over the world. It has guest-performed with great success in the major musical centers across Europe, Asia, and North America and has received frenetic acclaim even from the most demanding of audiences. The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra was awarded many prestigious accolades including: “Musician of the Year”, “Golden Lyre”, “Golden Stave”, “Golden Quill”, “Crystal Lyre”, the Honorary Sign of Sofia, the Honorary Sign of the President of Bulgaria. From 2017, the general director of the Sofia Philharmonic is maestro Nayden Todorov.

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