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James Gregory

Saturday, February 10 @ 3:00 pm

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Gregory creates an evening of non-stop laughter with a Southern accent and universal storytelling. The ridiculous, the common, and sometimes even the simplest events all become hilarious in the hands of this world-class comedian.


For decades, the unforgettable character of veteran comedian James Gregory has stood grinning: his shirt untucked, his arms outstretched, a carefree welcome to a down-home, hilarious comedy experience. His trademark caricature is the essence of humorist James Gregory’s comedy: rib-tickling reflections on life from the front porch. James’ success, like his comedy, is the direct result of the values with which he grew up. Twenty-something years later, it is this unique brand of humor that packs crowds into his sold-out shows. The absence of vulgarity sets James apart, and his stories are carefully crafted art. “I have lived long enough to know people, know life,” Gregory reflects. “My comedy is based on my life experiences. It’s real, it’s funny, and the audience loves it. That’s why I’m still in business.”

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Newberry Opera House
1201 McKibben Street
Newberry, SC 29108 United States
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