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About Newberry Made

Newberry Made is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping artists and makers in Newberry County showcase their work. This exhibition partnership will feature a revolving display of local artwork.

Artist: Norma Donaldson-Jenkins

On display November 3-30, 2020

"I have always been creative. Used to get mad when I had to stop working on a project to go to “work”. I promised myself that when I retired, I was going to devote more time to my creative outlets. This past year has seen my creative side take the reins and lead me down and up paths that I never thought to explore."

"I tell stories, crafting characters and objects of beads, shells, and buttons. Some characters take the form of jewelry (pins).  Other characters are created on canvas or on the base of dead palm fronds, using acrylic paints, crayons.  papers, textiles, photographs, recycled materials, and found objects. All of the characters are part of, what I call, the “Wild Angie” tribe."

Speaking of leading along paths that I never thought to explore, currently, my exhibit is part of the "Newberry Made Rotating Artist Showcase”. Each month, participating venues will exhibit artwork from a local artist. Over the coming year, these incredible exhibits will rotate throughout venues and businesses in our community. We invite all local artists and businesses to participate and help grow the program. Visit www.newberrymade.com to join us."

Norma "Fajra” Donaldson-Jenkins


*Many of the paints and materials used for Norma's art come from Earth Safe Finishes. She met Earth Safe Finishes owner Nancy Burkhart while volunteering at Opera House concessions.

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