Show on: Sunday, Feb 24, 2019 @ 7:00 P.M.
Newberry, SC- Each season, the Newberry Opera House hosts several education shows, many of which teach the history of an event in a new and interesting theatrical format. “Currents” presented by Mayumana -a theatrical productions company based out of Israel - is an educational but entertaining performance about the race between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to find energy sources for the world, and increase understanding of electricity.
Mayumana Currents 360x260 This show combines different elements of theatre to bring a sensational performance, especially with the use of lights, video art projections, specially made musical instruments while 11 skilled performers are in constant movement while juggling between different musical instruments. "Mayumana brings funky moves and cutting-edge technology…original…cutting-edge blend of movement and technology…seductive…" -- Time Out New York raved.
Mayumana was formed in 1996 by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman. who collected a small group of gifted performers from around the world to create unique shows that incorporate many different cultures into their shows. Mayumana now has performers from more than 20 different nationalities between their international touring cast and their home theater cast. Mayumana has entertained audiences around the world equivalent to millions of people worldwide.
If you are interested in learning more about these two famous scientists/inventors from the late 1800s through early 1900s then this is a great show for you. Both of these scientists made important contributions to the understanding and use of electricity. Their research and the research of many other scientists would lead to the inventions of many of the devices which we take for granted over 100 years later. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this spectacular show whenever it visits the Newberry Opera House, this February.