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Newberry, SC- Farruguito, heir to the most renowned Gypsy flamenco dynasty is “the greatest flamenco dancer of this new century” –NY Times. Farruquito made his first international stage appearance on Broadway in New York City at the age of four along with his maternal grandfather “El Farruco”, and spent his formative years immersed in the legendary Farruco School of dance. El Farruco’s son passed away in a car accident many years before and he decided to teach his grandson the ends and outs of flamenco dancing. In 1997, “El Farrcuo” passed away making Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya also known as Farruguito responsible for this Gypsy Flamenco dynasty.

Farruquito Flamanco 360Farruguito, started dancing from a young age and at eight he performed a seasonal show at the Sala Zambia in Madrid, Spain. At age 12, he performed with “El Farruco”, he also performed at the opening ceremony at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain. At the age of 15, he started his first show called “Raices Flamecas” helped propel him to the forefront of emerging Flamenco dancers. He went on to tour throughout Europe and in Japan. In 2001, Farruquito and his family performed at the Flamenco USA festival in New York and Boston where he was named “The best artist to set foot in the Big Apple in 2001”. The following year he toured through major cities in the US and other parts of North America.

In 2003, Farruguito was involved in a hit and run where he ran a red light at twice the speed limit without a license and struck a pedestrian. He was convicted of manslaughter which he would later serve prison time from 2006-20010 after an appeal by the prosecution. Farruquito has since rebuilt his reputation with many sold out shows and successful tours throughout parts of the world. Farruquito is the head of the Farruco School of dance and often helps instruct his students when he is not touring. He is also trying to teach his young children flamenco to try and carry on his family name and keep the dynasty alive.

If you are interested in learning about a new culture and a unique style of dance that can only be found in Spain then this is the right show for you! 

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