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Newberry, SC- Many of the musicians, actors and other performers that visit the Newberry Opera House come from families of great musicians, or performers. Arlo Guthrie is one of these musicians. He is the son of music legend and American patriot Woody Guthrie, singer/writer of “This Land Is Your Land”, Arlo Guthrie (Grammy Hall of Fame Inductee) has become an iconic figure of the folk music genre with a career spanning almost sixty years.

 Arlo Guthrie 360Arlo first performed on stage at the age of 13, but he did not gain much attention until 1967. Arlo Guthrie’s career gained international attention with the release of his first album Alice’s Restaurant in 1967. The song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” was inspired by the time Arlo was arrested for littering just two years early and was deemed unfit to join the army. This song is one the longer songs ever recorded and lasts 18 minutes and 34 seconds. Alice’s Restaurant was made into a movie in 1969, in which Arlo played himself. This movie was nominated for four different awards including an Academy Award. In 1969, Arlo performed at the biggest rock festival of that time period- Woodstock- his appearance showcased Guthrie’s hit “Coming into Los Angeles”. In 1970, Arlo Guthrie signed a recording contract with Warner Bros where his career set the standard for the sing-songwriter genre. In 1983, Guthrie became an independent artist and established Rising Son Records, which was one of the first indie labels ever. His company has released over 20 albums to date, including several remastered versions of Arlo’s classical records. 

Arlo’s most popular songs include: “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre”, “City of New Orleans", “Coming Into Los Angeles”, “Massachusetts”, “Highway In the Wind” and “Darkest Hour”. The Guthrie family’s legacy has continued past the success of Woody Guthrie and Arlo Guthrie, all of Arlo’s kids have become performers as well. When Arlo visits the Newberry Opera House, his daughter, Sarah Lee Guthrie will be performing alongside him. 

Sarah Lee Guthrie 360 260Sarah Lee Guthrie and her husband, Johnny Irion have created successful American folk music careers, with a sound that is a mix of folk-rock and pop sound. She has released several critically-acclaimed albums: Exploration, Folksong, Bright Examples and, Wassaic Way. In 2009, Sarah Guthrie won a Golden Medallion from The Parent’s Choice Foundation for her work on her album Go Waggaloo.

If you enjoy folk and rock music or are a fan of Arlo Guthrie or his daughter Sarah Guthrie then this is the perfect show for you.