Giving Tuesday







We have a lot to be thankful for this season, here are our top 20!

  1. Amazing guests
  2. The Town of Newberry
  3. The Staff who makes so much happen behind the scenes
  4. Sponsors
  5. Donors
  6. Amazing Volunteers
  7. Downtown Merchants
  8. Receptive region
  9. 20 successful years!
  10. Vision to build the facility in 1881
  11. The talents that has come through these doors
  12. The memories that have been created by guests
  13. The memories that have been created by the talent
  14. Our own ghost, Penelope!
  15. Meal time with the hospitality volunteers
  16. Talking with guests in the lobby
  17. The agents that want to book the opera House because of the stellar reputation
  18. The architecture- she’s unique!
  19. The Board of the Newberry Opera House Foundation- they are amazing volunteers!
  20. The family we have created both internally and externally!

Giving Tuesday Rotator2017 2

We invite you to celebrate 20 years with us as we participate in the #GivingTuesday challenge today. We have a match of $20,000 and have been challenged to raise $20,000 in 20 days in celebration of our 20th anniversary. Our campaign will begin today and will run through 12/17/2017

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