We have a lot to be thankful for this season, here are our top 20!

Penelope’s Top 20 – Holiday Edition

The Newberry Opera House will be celebrating our 20th anniversary of our rededication on February 20, 2018. In honor of our 20th Celebration Season and borrowing from our in house ghost (Penelope), we are doing Penelope’s Top 20 list this season.

Outside our window we are watching them put up the holiday lights in Memorial Square, which inspired the list below. See you this holiday season at the Newberry Opera House!

You may have noticed a reference or two to Penelope taking over our social media this spooky month of October. Who was this Opera House ghost? One of the long time Opera House Box Office workers was doing inventory on the seat plaques in the balcony during the early days of the Opera House remodeling and looked up into the dark lighting booth to see a glow in the window on the left. Suddenly she could see a woman with long hair and a vein wearing Victorian era clothing. The staffer looked away and then looked back and the apparition was still there. The staffer waves and the woman's glow sunk below the window and the booth was dark again.

It is almost that time friends, the eclipse is upon us! Here at the Opera House we have been working hard and staying busy to ensure that the weekend is not one to miss. Come join us August 18-21st for this four-day-long festival!

Newberry is in the path of totality and will experience a total eclipse, about two and a half minutes of darkness, as the moon passes between Earth and the sun. Visitors from all over will be joining us to watch this scientific yet human event. We figured we would help make this weekend one for the books by co-hosting the Eclipsefest with our fellow Newberry organizations! This celebration will be stuffed full of activities for the whole family, delicious food, live music and more!

Each month, we borrow our resident ghost’s name for a list of Top 19 during our 19th season. As the 19th season is winding down, and we are not quite ready to announce the 20th anniversary season, we decided to help you discover or rediscover Downtown Newberry with this List of Fun Things to Do Downtown. Stay tuned for the Top 20 next month as we begin taking a look back at the past 20 years as a Performing Arts Center.