Newberry, SC- Are you looking for a way to get out of the house? Do you want to visit someplace new? see something new? Well, you are in luck, the Newberry Opera House has many shows this February that may fit those wants. One great chance to get out of the house is to see two great shows back to back. The Fabulous Thunderbirds, a great American blues and rock band will be visiting the Opera House on February 9 and then see Mary Wilson, a world-renowned musician, author and humanitarian, who will be singing classics from her days as the lead singer of The Supremes on February 10. If you don’t live in Newberry, then this is a great opportunity to get away for a weekend.

Newberry, SC- Many of the musicians, actors and other performers that visit the Newberry Opera House come from families of great musicians, or performers. Arlo Guthrie is one of these musicians. He is the son of music legend and American patriot Woody Guthrie, singer/writer of “This Land Is Your Land”, Arlo Guthrie (Grammy Hall of Fame Inductee) has become an iconic figure of the folk music genre with a career spanning almost sixty years.

Newberry, SC – Every season, a wide variety and diversity of music genres, theatrical performances, and talented performers from all over the world perform at the Newberry Opera House. One of the great perks of having such a wide variety of performances to choose from is you can discover new and unique sounds in the music world. Gaelic Storm is one of the shows that is completely different from anything found in the mainstream music genres.

Newberry, SC- The Newberry Opera House has shows of all different genres, and styles, all with a specific audience in mind. Erth’s prehistoric Aquarium Adventure is a great family-friendly, educational show designed for children. Whether you want to get your kids out of the house, do something as a family or with the grandkids, or take a niece or nephew to a show at the Newberry Opera House, this show is great for you. This show is specifically designed to help bring prehistoric animals back to life in such a way that is educational and entertaining.

Who’s Bad is the world’s longest lasting Michael Jackson tribute band, and started back in 2003, predating Michael Jackson’s passing. This tribute band pays attention to detail to give the closest recreation of what Michael Jackson’s concerts looked and felt like. This tribute band has traveled across the U.S. and Internationally.