The mission:

To become aware, in a positive manner, of the diversity among us, To acquire a positive understanding of culture, ethnicity and/or social status different from our own, To develop attitudes of appreciation for those of different origins and backgrounds, In light of our school, community and national unequivocal move toward a more diverse population, to refine and embrace a system of values which will influence the standards of society, to honor diversity and to prepare the students of Newberry for a successful life in our global economy and united world.

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How we do what we do:

With the generous support of the Dufford Foundation, specifically Dr. William Dufford, the children of Newberry are exposed to diversity through the window of arts.  Starting in the 3rd grade all the public school children of Newberry attend a performance once a month at the Opera House.  Then they return again in the 4th grade and end in the 5th grade.  We follow the test scores and overall social health of the students to document the positive exposure to diversity through the arts as a fundamental part of the education process.  When many schools are cutting arts funding, we are making the case for improved test score and improved social understanding.  Resulting in world ready adults!

If you would like more information or how you may participate, please call the Box Office at 803-276-6264 and they will direct your call.

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