You Are Invited to Help Us Celebrate!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | Anniversary Tours Throughout The Day | Special Broadcast by AM1240 WKDK | Kids Activities from 3-4:45 P.M. |Presentation & Cupcake Cutting at 5:00 P.M. 
The Community is invited to a special event 20 years to the day from the rededication  of the Newberry Opera House as a Performing Arts Center. This birthday party will include Anniversary Tours, a short Anniversary video, a poetry reading, a birthday cake, kids activities in the lobby, and even a birthday party wish list. 

February 20th has a very special meaning for the Newberry Opera House!  On that date in 1882, the Newberry Opera House was first dedicated and on that date (exactly 20 years ago) in 1998, the Newberry Opera House was re-dedicated after a nearly 6 million dollar restoration. In recognition of this milestone, the Newberry Opera House will be paying tribute to HER OWN in grateful recognition of the generations of Newberrians who first built the Opera House;  of those who have attended its school, community, and Newberry College performances and events;  of those who came to watch movies there; of those who fought to preserve the building; of those who led the charge to restore the grand Victorian lady; and of those who continue to support this historic building so that it can be passed to future generations as a vibrant performing arts center.  We invite you to please join us!   Come HOME to the Newberry Opera House where we warmly welcome you and look forward to entertaining you!

free kids activities 

As part of the February 20th Celebration, the Newberry Opera House Guild will be hosting FREE kids activities in the lobby from 3:00 - 4:45 P.M. Don't forget to register to win prizes including a Family 4 Pack to Lightwire Theatre's Moon Mouse production. Some of the activities that will be going might include:

  • Place the Gar on the Tower - Can you put the gar fish on the top of the tower blindfolded?
  • Writing Station--Why do you think the Gar fish was chosen to be on top of the Tower?
  • Coloring station--The bricks of the Opera House came from three different brick yards and are all different colors. What color brick would you have used?
  • Trivia for kids and adults--How Much Do You Know About the Opera House and Those Who Have Performed Her?


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