The Hot Club of San Francisco

The Hot Club of San Francisco


Often called the godfather of American gypsy jazz, Paul "Pazzo" Mehling leads this amazing jazz group playing in the style of Django Reinhardt all set to silent movies in this tribute to the pre-WWI imagination.



Apr 27, 2018 @ 8:00pm
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Imagine yourself in the idyllic French countryside in the 1930s. Sometime before dark, a gypsy caravan sets up camp in a field outside of town, luring the locals out for an evening’s fun. The wanderers travel with a film projector, pointing it at the side of a barn. As the images flicker to life beneath the stars, gypsy musicians play their guitars and fiddles, matching every movement on the screen with characteristic virtuosity, passion and humor. Reviving this lost entertainment, The Hot Club of San Francisco presents Cinema Vivant, an evening of vintage silent films accompanied by live gypsy swing. The Hot Club of San Francisco was the first American band invited to play the Festival de Jazz Django Reinhardt in Samois-Sur-Seine, ground zero for the Django revival. The current edition of the HCSF has been together for five years, anchored by Paul "Pazzo" Mehling and the improvisational brilliance of violinist Evan Price.