Puccini's Turandot



Sponsored by the Audrey Love Charitable Foundation in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Owen Holmes and The Pope Brown Foundation, the Pope Brown Foundation, the Grant-McDonald Foundation

Teatro Lirico d'Europa presents Puccini's final masterpiece.


Feb 23, 2017 @ 7:00pm Buy Tickets

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Puccini’s final masterpiece, Turandot is based on the Greek myth “ the riddle of the sphinx.” The story takes place in the ancient “Forbidden City” of Peking. Princess Turandot poses an impossible riddle to any man who wishes to marry her,  resulting in many beheadings, to the great horror of all Peking. Finally, a brave Persian Prince solves the riddle and ends this deadly cycle, restoring peace to Peking and winning the heart of Turandot.