One hundred and thirty-six years ago, a man named Mr. C. G. Jaeger read his 55 line eloquently written poem entitled “Dedication Ode” during the ceremony in which the Newberry Opera House was dedicated.  (Click here to read the poem.) The date was February 20, 1882. 

Following that precedent as part of the 20th Anniversary of the re-dedication of the Opera House, a poetry contest was held. Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners read their poems on February 20, 2018 at the 20th Anniversary Party. Winners received a $50 Savings Account from South State Bank.

Congratulations to the Poetry Contest Winners

                   Student Winners:            

                                               Miss Emily Kyzer, 2nd Grade at The Newberry Academy Click here to read her entry.

                                               Miss Addie Green, 5th Grade at the Whitmire Community School Click here to read her entry.

                   Community Winners:

                                               Mr. Joseph Counts of Pomaria, SC  Click here to read his entry.

                                               Mr. George Franklin of Newberry, SC    Click here to read his entry.


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